Mission Statement

Musicians on a Mission California, a non-profit corporation 501(c)(3), provides access to music through instrument “gift-aways,” mentorship, and performing opportunities for our youth and members of the community.

  • An all-volunteer effort, Musicians on a Mission California (MOAMCA) filed Articles of Incorporation on August 30, 2011 and received 501(c) (3) status on March 29, 2012.  
  • Since its inception, MOAMCA has gifted more than 60 instruments to individuals/schools.
  • MOAMCA provides showcasing opportunities for young people as well as others at numerous community events, weekly performances, and special events.
  • Through an alliance with Ventura County Arts Council and The Collection Riverpark, MOAMCA was responsible for gifting $7,500 over the past two years to high schools to for scholarships to youth in need of assistance, and for purchase of musical instruments.
  • Numerous volunteers and financial contributors give of their time and resources to make the MOAMCA journey a successful effort. Volunteers perform at various MOAMCA-sponsored events, assist with coordinating activities, and provide services.  Contributors donate instruments, and provide cash-assistance as well as in-kind support. 

Core Values

  • – Promoting access to music by providing instruments, mentorship, and performance opportunities.
  • – Providing positive alternatives to youth.
  • – Encouraging community donations and corporate alliances.
  • – “Giving back” to our community.

As Musicians on a Mission California seeks to create additional alliances and expand services, we hope you will support the mission and core values today through your tax-deductible financial contribution, in-kind donation, and/or volunteer assistance.

We believe that all kids should have the opportunity to own and play a musical instrument. Musicians On A Mission California (MOAMCA) is a nonprofit music organization operated solely by volunteers dedicated to providing musical instruments, mentoring and other music-related resources to our community’s special young people.

We work with schools, clubs and individuals and within this framework, veteran musicians also benefit through mentoring and sharing their professional and technical skills with these Kids. MOAMCA also hosts workshops and showcases for young musicians throughout the year at various community events and venues. MOAMCA hosts fundraiser events and instrument drives on a regular basis with 100% of the monetary donations going directly towards furthering our cause.

All of the musical instruments that are donated to Musicians On A Mission CA are inspected, repaired if necessary and gifted to kids in the community who express a need and show enthusiasm and commitment to pursuing their musical interests. Each of these Gift-away celebrations are also recognized by being posted on the MOAMCA Web site.