No Strings Attached

No Strings Attached

Local songwriter Richie Moore began playing guitar when he was 10—a pastime that’s served him in good times and bad.

“Sometimes my guitar was my best friend,” he said. “If I got into trouble and was sent to my room, after a short while, (my parents) would hear the guitar. . . . It was a release for me. An outlet.”

Decades later, Moore, now 63, wants to give other children the gift of music.

Officially recognized on March 29, his nonprofit organization, Musicians on a Mission, is dedicated to providing musical instruments, mentoring and other music-related resources to young people in the community. Thus far, more than a dozen new and used musical instruments have been given to children whose parents cannot afford them.

Run by a five-member board of directors, Musicians on a Mission regularly hosts fundraisers, instrument drives, volunteer concerts and other philanthropic events—all meant to bring music into children’s lives.

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